Bed Bug Services

Bed bug service is a treatment for the interior only of the home. Treatment would be focused on the bed, mattress, under the bed, bed stands and furniture near the bed. Drawers must be pulled out and ready to be treated from all furniture. Treatment will also focus on cracks & crevices, along the baseboards, and window areas as well. If the home has hardwood floors, treatment will be focused between slats on the floor also. Treatment can take up to 30 days before the bed bugs are completely eradicated, therefore we cannot schedule re-treatments before 30 days. Bed bug treatment is a 90-day warranty, and there is also some mandatory prep work to be done by the client BEFORE the technician comes, which you can request at our email ***Bed Bug Service is a prepay only service. This means we must receive payment before service is performed. Due to this being a premium service, we will only accept credit card payments, cash, cashier’s check or money order before services***

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a bed bug?

A. Tiny, parasitic insects who live off the blood of humans or other warm-blooded animals. Also called traveler bugs, they climb into suitcases or other belongings and are unwittingly carried by people into their homes.

Q. Where do bed bugs live?

A. They hide in dark corners in daylight and emerge at night to explore your residence. Once night falls, the bed bugs come out and feed on human hosts. Bed bugs make their homes in mattresses, behind headboards, picture frames, wall sockets and other areas where they can hide until dark.

Q. Do we have to leave our apartment/home?

A. Yes, All people and pets need to remain out of the treated areas for a minimum of SIX hours, longer if a doctor recommended (due to breathing problems or sensitivity to products being used).

Q. Do I need to prepare other rooms besides my bedroom?

A. Yes. Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms should all be treated. If the furniture/bed has been moved from room to room before treatment then all rooms the furniture/bed were in must be treated and need to be prepared for service as well. Please have these rooms prepared and ready for service using the attached prep sheet.

Q. What about the Floor areas?

A. Make sure to pick up all pet food and water bowls, children toys, and pet toys off of the furniture and floor areas.

Q. Can’t I just prepare the room I think they are in?

A. Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of, and eliminating them can cost a homeowner several hundred dollars. Everything in the house has to be treated to fully eradicate them.

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