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Mosquito Sprays

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Mosquitoes are notorious for their painful feeding-methods and irritating “bite” that their victims endure.  Mosquitoes have gained national attention in recent years due to increased danger of disease.  Some mosquito species are known to carry and thus transmit serious diseases to both humans and animals (such as the West Nile Virus and Equine Encephalomyelitis), and the incidence of mosquito-borne disease in the United States is gaining ever-increasing attention.

So here’s how our mosquito sprays work…

  • Treatment for mosquitoes remains effective 3-6 weeks, dependent on rainfall. 

  • Note:  at time of service, all outdoor toys, playground equipment, cooking grills, etc. must be either covered or removed

  • Important When Ordering:  Whether ordering by email, or telephone, all property addresses, phone numbers, and names of those paying for service must be given to GRPC before service is performed.

  • Additional charges will be applied to your order if you need immediate or Saturday service.  Cost for these services if needed are an additional $50.00  If ordering by email:  please include these extra fees in your total when sending your order.  Please send order information to our email Thank You!

How much does pest control cost?

Pricing depends on many variables such as size of property, time of year, severity of infestation, etc.. Please call or message us to get an accurate quote on pricing.

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bed bug
90 daysup to 30 days after applicationAfter 30 days
No Cost

carpenter ant
1 year
(from day of service)
up to 14 daysAs Needed
No Cost
-up to 30 daysUp to 6 months
Discounted Rates
90 daysup to 14 days after application
w/ daily vacuuming
After 14 days
No Cost
rodent removal
90 daysup to 30 days after applicationNo Cost
-Reduction starts day of. -
Spiders - Exterior Group Sprays
-up to 14 days-
Spiders - Interior
up to Dec 31stup to 14 daysAs Needed
No Cost
Spiders - Interior + Exterior
up to Dec 31stup to 14 daysAs Needed
No Cost
Stinging Insects
stinging insect
up to Dec 31stfrom 3-5 days1st retreat free
Following retreat discounted

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    Fast and friendly service. No complaints here.
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    I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the services your firm recently provided at our home.
    We were able to easily schedule the times needed to have Jordan Shears visit our home to diagnose and subsequently treat our carpenter
    … More bee infestation. Jordan Shears was great to work with in dealing with our carpenter bee infestation. He clearly communicated what needed to happen to eliminate the bee issue, and he was flexible in coordinating his time on site with the siding contractor who was also required to deal with our scenario. As you no doubt already recognize, your firm is fortunate to have an employee like Jordan on the front lines providing your services and interacting directly with your customers.