Pests, depending on their type and quantity, can be controlled with some success without hiring a pest control company. However, pests are living organisms that breed, feed, and have migration patterns that can make them difficult to control effectively or long-term. Hiring GRPC to ease your worry has the following benefits:

Pests are our career. We know bug and rodent habits, life cycles, and hot-spots. We know what they like to feed on, where they are likely be hiding, and how long they’ll stay. Hiring GRPC greatly increases your likelihood of having your pest problem be a SHORT, ONE-TIME pest problem rather than a long-term, reoccurring pest problem.
Professional applicators like ours are licensed to use “Restricted Use Pesticides” (R.U.P.’s). These chemicals are either different or stronger than what a regular consumer could purchase. Proper, trained use of these chemicals increases the effectiveness and longevity of the pest control.
Safety. Most injuries in pest control occur in do-it-yourself projects rather than with a trained, licensed technician. All GRPC technicians are licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and are skilled to provide you and themselves the best pest control experience possible.

No. That’s what we’re here for. However, it would be helpful if you could do one of the following:

Carefully place a dead pest specimen in a clear plastic bag (such as a sealable sandwich bag). Be careful to keep the specimen intact as much as possible for easy identification later.
Take a photo of the specimen or the droppings of the pest and email, DM, or call us.
Most importantly, try to notice the characteristics of the pest. Where does it seem to live? When did you first notice the pest? What does it look like?

Yes: our “Total Pest Control Package” would be very beneficial for you. Our “Total Pest Control Package” prevents and treats most of the common annoying pests you might see: bees, yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, spiders, ladybugs, earwigs, carpenter and non-carpenter ants, house-flies, drain flies, pill-bugs, sow bugs, crickets, millipedes, centipedes, strawberry-root weevils, “pantry-pests” such as Indian-meal moths and grain beetles, fleas, rats, and mice.  This package does not include termites and mosquitoes.

Absolutely. We understand that pests can be embarrassing for some people as well as irritating. Your image and preferences are important to us. We are willing to work with our customers’ schedules and feelings as much as possible. Please let us know if you have special needs or preferences in dealing with the pests, and we will try to accommodate you as much as possible.

Yes. For most of our services, we offer immediate service performed within 36 hours.  For this service, an additional fee is added to the regular cost of service. Please let us know if you need this type of service. (This service is subject to availability.)

Our treatments are at least as effective and long-lasting as the competition without applying pesticide every month.

The reason:  many large pest control companies wish to increase their year-round business, especially in the late-fall, winter, and early-spring when pests are generally less active, by including unnecessary monthly treatments in their pest control packages.  Of course, with increased pest control treatments comes higher income for the business, but with higher income to the business comes higher cost to you, the customer.  In pest control, training, knowledge, and experience are often more effective than using large quantities of chemicals with high frequencies of application. Feel free to ask our customers about Grand Rapids Pest Control. Our guarantees are solid and often ultimately better than our competition, without the competition’s high-cost, high-frequency treatments. This allows you, the consumer, less invasion of your home or business and also often allows you a greater value on your dollar. We want you, the customer, to feel the quality of our work so that you return to us with any other pest control issues and will spread a good word about us! High quality service is what we strive for, not simply the appearance of high quality.

Yes, especially if the customer receives good communication from the pest control business and if the pest control is performed properly.

Some guidelines are important for you to know in certain cases of treatment, and examples of these are listed below:

Treatments may require people and pets to stay off surfaces until the application is dry (approximately 2 hours after the technician has left)
Treatments may require toys, grills, etc. to be covered or removed from the affected area.
Some treatments (such as flea treatments) may require the customer to change vacuum bags and vacuum carpets days after treatment.

Absolutely. Our pest control services cover Muskegon, Holland, Grand Haven, and so much more! We service up to the Kent county border and beyond. Please call (616) 784-2888 or (888) 518-6797 and we will be happy to supply you with information