Big Carpenter Ants be gone! Let Grand Rapids Pest Control exterminate 'em

Carpenter Ants nest within forested parts of the world:  That’s West Michigan!

Grand Rapids Pest control has very accurate carpenter ant pest control solutions.  We exterminate these pests with our fundamental treatment packages.  It’s easy!

Carpenter ants are large, often-winged ants.  These ants are usually completely black but may contain some slight coloration on their legs and/or body.  They generally nest in wood, even though they do not eat wood.

Treatment plans for those pesky ants…

Initial Treatment – 1 full year

Grand Rapids Pest Control provides a full-year guarantee on carpenter ant treatment.  Our guarantee begins on the day of service.  The treatment eliminates existing carpenter ants and prevents further infestation one year from the date of service.  Reclaim your living spaces!

Renewal of Carpenter Ant Service – Half off

Once initial carpenter ant treatment has been performed, the customer may elect to renew treatment the following year and every consecutive year thereafter. The renewal service is discounted at 1/2 initial-treatment rate!  Price is based on the current price at the time of renewal.

Oh no, we need immediate pest control… Can you help?

Additional charges will be applied to your order for either “Need Service on Saturday” or “Need Immediate Service.”  Cost for these services, if needed, is an additional $50.00  If ordering by email, please specify that you need weekend or immediate services.

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