Howard City Pest Control services. We exterminate bugs for good! We are the BEST. We are GRPC Inc!

Howdy there Howard City!  Everyone at Grand Rapids Pest Control Inc has been serving your community for years and we will continue to overcome any pest issues!   If you need exterminator services, treatments, sprays, getting rid of bed bugs, stinging insects, ants, fleas, mosquitos, rats, mice, or spiders, we offer our full line of services and warranties in your neighborhoods.  We work harder, faster, stronger, smarter than any other company or pest, guaranteed!


TOP 4 Howard City Pest Control Services
We are Called For...

You are here because you live in, near, or have property in Howard City.   Our family and friends live here too, and we love any opportunity to swing into town for some jerky!  GR Pest Control knows exactly what pests you are dealing with and we are on minutes away!

Here’s a look at the top 4 Howard City Pest Services we are typically called for.  If some of these pest made their way from Indian Lake to your stretch of land, we’ll fly by and treat them for you.

Bed Bugs Extermination

Beg Bugs exterminator services are so common because West Michigan ranks among the top cities with pest problems. Don't worry~

Spider Spray Service

Grand Rapids Pest Control sees these guys even in Howard City. And you know what? It doesn't rain after we get'em!

Stinging Insects Removal

We don't just rid the bees, wasps, hornets, yellow-jackets, or other stinging insects... We rid the source for once and for all.

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Michigan is full of wooded areas, perfect for carpenter ant infestations. Even in the city they can be found. We got this!

Our Professional Exterminator Team Can Do it ALL!

Our POPULAR Pest Control Services
We Help Howard City With...

Rodents Removal

We treat mice and rats. Check out pricing and details here.

Mosquito Sprays

West Michigan's most annoying pest, the mosquito! We rid them from your life. Check for pricing...

Fleas Extermination

Treatment is complete and guaranteed. Get started by sending us a message or a call.


A difficult pest, but we are experienced in removing these pests. We have different plans too, check it out now.

Maybe you're looking for Pest Packages or Plans?

Take Advantage of our Pest Control Packages and Plans!

exterior house bug spray

Eliminate and Prevent all sorts of bugs!  Spiders, bugs, earwigs, flies..  Whatever is roaming the exterior of your home.

A discounted service for lake areas.  Find out when your lake is going to be sprayed, and sign up!

We target your specific problem and guarantee results.  Call for an assessment, and we’ll start building a package for you.

Protection for the most common interior/exterior pests.  Full-year guarantee.  Check it out.

Looking for a Specific Service?
Looking to exterminate a pest or two?

A Little More About Us, Family Owned and Operated…

Grand Rapids Pest Control’s motto is the golden rule; Treat others as you’d want to be treated. That means we treat you with honesty and respect! Our pest services are professional. Our services are thorough, non-invasive, yet as effective as possible. Why are we confident in our services??? Because we are a dedicated third generation pest control company who lives in the community we serve!

Speaking of experience, not just any experience from anywhere… We’ve worked in Howard City, Rockford, Muskegon, Holland, Grand Haven, and many other West Michigan locations. We service up to the Kent County border and beyond. We call this is our home too, so we know what we are doing! GRPC provides powerful, effective, and safe pest control services designed for the customer’s needs. We maintain high quality of service standards and offer convenience and solid guarantees. We take the deepest consideration for you and the environment.