Grand Rapids Spider Pest Control services inside and out. We also have group packages for your lakeside communities!

Spiders Control and Extermination

Grand Rapids Pest Inc knows how to deal with spiders inside and out.  Don’t mess around with these bad bugs, that’s our job.

Spiders (and their often mislabeled counterparts, harvestmen) can be annoying pests and can ruin the aesthetics of any residence if left unchecked. Though rare, some spiders can endanger human lives (especially the very young) with the venom in their bite. Two better-known dangerous spiders are the “Brown Recluse Spider” and the “Black Widow Spider.” Most spiders have no intention of harming humans but content themselves ridding the environment of insects, which they use for food.

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Spider Pest Control Service

You are here because you live or have properties in Michigan.  We do too!  GR Pest Control knows exactly what pests you are dealing with.  Therefore, we know exactly how to control them.

Here’s a look at the top 4 Grand Rapids Pest Services we are called for.  If some of these pest made their way into your neck of the woods, we’ll swing by and treat them for you.

exterior house bug spray

(Single Home)

Treatment intended to prevent the entry of spiders into a residence. Though this treatment affects the prevention of spider entry more than the elimination of spiders indoors, indoor spiders will be reduced. This treatment is found under GRPC's "General Pest Category: Exterior Services." This service is "guaranteed" in the following way: any re-treatments necessary before December 31 are performed at 1/2 cost to you, the customer.

exterior house bug spray

(Group Spray 20+)

Groups of 20+. This is our "Exterior Spider Treatment" offered at a much-lower rate to groups of 20 or more at one location. This service is a favorite for lake-front neighborhoods. No guarantee is offered with this service due to its already basement-level pricing.

travel, hotel rooms, hotel-1677347.jpg

Interior & Exterior
(Single Home)

Spider treatment for the interior and exterior of a residence. This is the complete extermination and prevention of spiders in and around your home. Spiders don't stand a chance! This service is guaranteed through December 31 the year of service.

How much does pest control cost?

Pricing depends on many variables such as size of property, time of year, severity of infestation, etc.. Please call or message us to get an accurate quote on pricing.

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Grand Rapid Pest Control INC: The SMARTER, FASTER, STRONGER, HARDER Guarantee!

Our services are smarter because everything has a warrantied promise. We are stronger because we use applications that work. Because our technicians and staff worker harder than the pests. Faster, because we utilize modern technologies and practices. Choose the company that is fighting for you.

bed bug
90 daysup to 30 days after applicationAfter 30 days
No Cost

carpenter ant
1 year
(from day of service)
up to 14 daysAs Needed
No Cost
-up to 30 daysUp to 6 months
Discounted Rates
90 daysup to 14 days after application
w/ daily vacuuming
After 14 days
No Cost
rodent removal
90 daysup to 30 days after applicationNo Cost
-Reduction starts day of. -
Spiders - Exterior Group Sprays
-up to 14 days-
Spiders - Interior
up to Dec 31stup to 14 daysAs Needed
No Cost
Spiders - Interior + Exterior
up to Dec 31stup to 14 daysAs Needed
No Cost
Stinging Insects
stinging insect
up to Dec 31stfrom 3-5 days1st retreat free
Following retreat discounted

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