Specific Pest Control

The Ultimate in Pest Control

The Target system for Interior & Exterior of your home for one insect.
Guaranteed: until December 31st of the given year.
Pests that could be treated in this category are ants (all types except Carpenter), ladybugs, earwigs, house flies, clover mites, pill bugs, millipedes, centipedes, sow bugs, crickets, strawberry root weevils,  pantry pests-such as Indian meal moths and grain beetles. For service of two (2) or more pests, please select our Total Pest Protection Program, as it is our best value for multiple services.

 Interior/Exterior Service Explanation and Preparation:

Inside- spraying of obvious areas of concern, including baseboards, window, and door casings, dusting of pipes that enter and exit the home (mostly done for ants)

Exterior- spraying from the eaves down to the ground, around the home, decks, small outbuildings, and children’s wooden play equipment

• Provide the technician a way into the home
• Pick up items that you’d not want treatment applied to (children’s toys, animal dishes, etc.)
• Remain of the treated areas for a minimum of 2 hours or until dry
***Longer if doctor recommended due to breathing concerns or sensitivity to products being used***
• Close windows
• Cover or remove outdoor equipment –  such as grills, bird feeders, and toddler toys

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