Grand Rapids' BEST Stinging Insects Removal Services with GR Pest Control

Stinging Insects Like Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow-Jackets are no joke and no match for Grand Rapids Pest Control

One of Grand Rapids Pest Control’s specialties is exterminating painful insects.  A complete removal of bees, yellow-jackets, wasps, hornets, or any other stinging insects pest control is our strategy.  Anyone who’s been stung knows what a pain it is, or perhaps you are allergic to insect stings and have concerns.  That’s why we take it serious and shutdown those stinging insects professionally.

What makes these insects such a threat?

What’s the best practice for stinging insects pest control?

Bees, wasps, and hornets make both outdoor nests and nests in structural walls of buildings. Due to having a warranty for our “Stinging Insect” packages, we are unable to do nest-only removal. The reason for this is that if we just remove the nest, the bees will more than likely build another nest shortly after.  In fact, often in the same location if not another nearby location.  What pests!  In order to guarantee a comprehensive treatment, we apply a chemical treatment to prevent and correct your specific stinging insect problems.  We don’t just remedy the symptoms, we get to the root of the problem and exterminate!

  • In a tree, out of reach?  We’ve done it!
  • In the wall, not visible? We’ve done that too!
  • Reoccurring nest population?  We’ve exterminated those!
  • Have any questions?  Check out the FAQ or Contact Us!

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