Stinging Insect Services

Grand Rapids Pest Control is available to help with any of your bee, yellow-jacket, wasp, hornet, or any stinging-insect needs.

Bees, wasps, and hornets make both outdoor nests and nests in structural walls of buildings. Due to having a warranty for our “Stinging Insect” packages, we are unable to do nest-removal only. The reason for this is that if we just remove the nest, the bees will more than likely build another nest shortly after (in the same location, or another location nearby). In order to put a guarantee on this service, we have to apply a chemical treatment to prevent and correct the stinging insect problem.  Products listed below.

• If you wish to have comprehensive treatment with removal of outdoor nest or nests of bees, yellow-jackets, wasps, or hornets removed from a tree, please call our office for pricing.
• If you wish to have comprehensive treatment for pests both inside the walls and outside of a structure (including nest removal for those nests that are visible)

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