Cockroach Services

Cockroaches seldom find themselves welcomed in human life, and for good reason.  Cockroaches have been linked to disease-transmission as well as food contamination.  Cockroaches often eat the same food humans do and may contaminate food quickly, often leaving foul odors behind.  Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, performing most alterations to food and human environment at night.

Grand Rapids Pest Control gives customers 3 ways to deal with cockroaches (R.P.O.A. members, please look at #3 below):

1. Full-year Cockroach Service:  the elimination and preventative treatment for cockroaches fully guaranteed one year from the date of service.
2. 6-Month Cockroach Service:  This service is offered to customers who have had roach problems for less than 30 days and would prefer a shorter term treatment package.  Once initial service is given, any re-treatments necessary within the 6 months following the initial treatment are administered at a much-discounted rate.
3. For R.P.O.A. (Rental Property Owners Association) members only:  GRPC offers the “6-month cockroach treatment” at a reduced rate to members of R.P.O.A.  If you are a member of R.P.O.A., you must provide your membership number.

Additional charges will be applied to your order if you need immediate or Saturday service.  Cost for these services if needed is an additional $50.00  If ordering by email:  please include these extra fees in your total when sending your order.  Please send order information to Thank You!

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